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Coir pith:

Our company provides a wide range of Coir Pith Products that are used variedly by all our prestigious clients. Our range of Coir Pith Products is very high in its quality.The eco-friendly product is said to be replacing many traditional products as an effective soil bed under green house conditions. Industry sources say that the plant yield potential records significant improvement when coir pith are used as a cultivation medium. Coir pith Briquettes are made by compressing coir pith. They are individually shrink wrapped for export with or without labels as per specifications.

Coir pith is widely used as a good medium for container plant growing, seed starting, bedding plants and other planting and gardening activities.

We Export:

Fresh Coconuts
Desiccated -
Coconut Powder
Cavendish Banana
Elephant Foot -
Yam (suran)
Coir Pith
Mattress Fibre
Bleaching powder

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Abishek Exports, are Exporter of Fresh Coconuts, Desiccated Coconut Powder, Cavendish Banana, Elephant Foot Yam (suran), Pumpkin, Rice, Onion, Coir Pith, Mattress Fibre, Bleaching powder, that have set a benchmark with perfect quality. Our knowledge and experience of obtainment alongside advance technique in cultivating guarantees that our items are of most superior quality standards . ... more

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