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Fresh Coconuts:

Fresh Coconut offered is made available by us which comprises fresh collection of coconuts which are directly sourced from fresh gardens and farms and provide high nutritive values and superior taste values. Having wide usage in preparation of many coastal dishes, these fresh coconuts are made available by us at most competitive prices.

Coconut is not just important to the cookeries of the regions where it grows, but to the very survival of the people. The fruit provides protein, calories, minerals, vitamins and flavors. From it come beverages, oil for cooking and even the fire over which to cook.

Among the other coconut by-products, we also export Edible and Dry Copra, Desiccated Coconut, JumboCoconut, Semi Husk Coconut,Ball coconut and many others

• Available in different weight categories including from 550 gms to 850 gms
• Fresh coconut that provides all the benefits of protein, minerals, calories, vitamins
• Available in quality packaging

Semi Husk Coconut

Semi Husked CoconutProcessed from the fresh coconuts, our Semi Husked Coconuts are ideal for various cooking purposes. Nuts are husked according to buyer's requirements, leaving a uniform pointed husk at one end to cover the 3 eyes of the coconut.They are obtained from trees that are grown on extremely fertile soil that are free from any kind of diseases or pest attacks.

We are prominent for our high quality packaging skills, which prevent decay or discoloration. This guarantees that the products retain their freshness and nutritional content. We do not use harmful fertilizers or pesticides, making our products score high in terms of safety and nutritional content.

We are well figured as one of the most required after Natural Fresh Coconuts Manufacturers in India. Our fresh coconuts are healthy, delicious and free from impurities.


Jumbo Coconuts

Nuts half peeled leaving a husk of approximately one-inch thickness around the shell for extra protection of both shell and the soft, thick nut inside.It is because the outer husk is peeled off leaving 50% of fibre remained around the nut for extra protection.

Some of gulf and Middle Eastern customers require the coconuts to be shipped in this form because these nuts could be stored and kept for a longer period of time, simply because the outer shell is yet covered with fibre and therefore chances of cracking is peripheral. The remaining fibre is removed at customer’s facility just before they’re distributed for supermarkets and wholesalers.

BalI Coconuts

Husks are fully removed and nuts have a thick core, which is pure white in colour, rich and easily cracked in two. Mainly consumed by the customers in the West. The coconuts are selected according to size which is 13.5 inches and upwards in circumference and then removing the fibre which is covering the outer shell. The nut would averagely weigh minimum 750-800 grams per nut. The selected export quality coconuts are packed in lino (netted) bags or in cartons as per customers requirements. BalL nuts are shipped in Cooled containers with the temperature of +10 Degree Celsius in order to prevent the nuts from cracking

We Export:

Fresh Coconuts
Desiccated -
Coconut Powder
Cavendish Banana
Elephant Foot -
Yam (suran)
Coir Pith
Mattress Fibre
Bleaching powder

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Abishek Exports, are Exporter of Fresh Coconuts, Desiccated Coconut Powder, Cavendish Banana, Elephant Foot Yam (suran), Pumpkin, Rice, Onion, Coir Pith, Mattress Fibre, Bleaching powder, that have set a benchmark with perfect quality. Our knowledge and experience of obtainment alongside advance technique in cultivating guarantees that our items are of most superior quality standards . ... more

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